About us:


Oregon Mountain Guides, a mountain biking and hiking tour company, is centrally located on the North Umpqua Trail on Diamond Lake Highway, 47 miles east of Roseburg, Oregon. We have guides that have intimate knowledge of the North Umpqua Trail and all surrounding trails in the North Umpqua area. Living and working in the North Umpqua area enables our guides to be more connected and knowledgeable about the surrounding trails and environment. Being centrally located in the North Umpqua gives us the upper-hand when it comes to guides with knowledge. Our experience in this area is first hand as we have spent many hours exploring, cataloging, and experiencing this area in rich detail.


Our mission is to implement a high quality tour while providing a fun, exciting, and enriching atmosphere. We strive to be the leaders in mountain biking and hiking guides and be your favorite locally owned tour guide company.