North Umpqua Trail 2-3 Day Shuttle

A 2-3 day self guided trip through the North Umpqua Trail. Shuttle service provided.
The North Umpqua Trail offers a variety of recreational activities, including hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, photography and sight seeing.  Become one with nature at some of the most beautiful settings found in the Pacific Northwest. Divided into 12 segments, from over 3 miles to just under 16 miles for a total of 79 miles (only 70 miles is bike accessible). The trail leads high into the Cascade Mountains near Lake Maidu where it intersects with the Pacific Crest Scenic Trail. Several trails lead to waterfalls, swimming holes, fishing, and historical sites (including the Umpqua Hot springs).
Our optional 2-day shuttle is only recommended for more advanced riders.


  • Shuttle to Kelsey Valley

  • Itinerary and maps

  • Optional meal package with 2 menus to choose from($60 per person additional charge, snacks not included)


  • Lodging and transportation before your trip and after

  • Climate control, it's Oregon after all!

  • Bike rentals (see Bike Rental page)

  • Overnight support

  • Food shopping. Plan and shop before your trip (don't forget about our  optional meal package!)

  • Lodging/camping during your stay

  • Our premier guides


  • Poison Oak, ticks and mosquitos can be prevalent on the North Umpqua  Trail. Bring repellent!

  • The North Umpqua Trail is a high endurance ride for both you and your  bike. Make sure your bike and your body are in good working order to  ensure an optimal riding experience.

  • Bring swim-wear! There are many opportunities to cool off.

  • Bring an extra set of keys so we can easily shuttle your car.



Per Group

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3 full days and 2 nights.


Day 1: 

Meet at the Dry Creek Store for shuttle to the beginning of Kelsey Valley. Your day ends at the Hot Springs, where you will find your car.


Day 2:

Start your adventure off with the Hot Springs and Deer Leap Segments, continuing on until you reach Horseshoe Bend Campground.


Day 3:

You will start on the Calf Creek segment continuing through the exciting Panther, Mott, and Tioga segments ending your journey at Swiftwater Park, where your car will be waiting for you.